Rigid pipe connections

Bending and deforming pipes
Our specialility is bending and deforming all kinds of pipes: steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and other, more exotic alloys.
According to the drawings bended piping can be fitted with different connections: flanges, nipples, sockets, couplings, etc.
Our bended pipes are available in sizes going from 4 to 150 mm.
We offer a large scale of processing techniques: bending, cutting, corrugating, case-harding, expanding, applying fusion edges, threading, pressing, drilling, punching, slitting, welding, press testing, etc.
And on top of this we're delivering our finished parts with the state-of-the art refinement techniques: nickel-plated, electro-zincing and thermal zincing, dichromated, pickling, passivation, powder spray coating, ...
Our top quality state-of-the-art products are certified on a regular basis by established testing laboratories.

Witzenmann Benelux

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