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What distinguishes us?
We are one of the world's leading companies in the processing of thin-walled stainless steel. This includes the entire processing chain.


High engineering competence paired with multi-layered process reliability is one of the skills that Witzenmann stands for. Across a wide range of markets, we are one of the preferred development partners when it comes to economically realizing products with long-lasting functionality.

Areas of competence


To manufacture our products, thin-walled tubes are formed into bellows and hoses by various processes. This sounds simple at first, but makes high demands on process accuracy and qualified employees. In addition to mechanical and hydraulic forming processes, we are also proficient in bending tubes, as is the case with lines close to the engine, for example.

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Welding and soldering

In accordance with the requirements of customers from a wide range of industries, we have a large number of qualified welding processes, trained welders and the necessary certifications at our disposal. The spectrum of applied technologies ranges from arc welding, laser beam welding and resistance welding to brazing and joining by means of magnetic forming.

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Materials technology

In addition to the development of material fundamentals, such as the investigation of corrosion properties, we also carry out damage analyses of return parts and material tests. The information obtained supports our experts in the targeted selection of materials for specific applications and customer enquiries. In terms of both forming and welding technology, we master a wide range of different materials such as high-alloy stainless steels, tantalum, titanium and copper.

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Product development

For product development, we have an interlocking process chain that links several levels. From brainstorming and focused basic research to specially developed design and calculation software. Testing, prototype construction and validation are then the next steps before production in small or large series.This process enables us to react quickly to customer-specific requests and forms the basis for realizing new, high-quality products.

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Testing and Simulation

The most convincing proof that a Witzenmann product will reliably achieve the required service life and strength even under extreme operating conditions is successful product testing. As a technology leader, we have one of the most comprehensive test facilities in our industry. This enables the realistic testing of expected load cases such as pressure pulsations, vibrations and load cycles.

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Technical Cleanliness

Our customers place ever higher demands on the cleanliness of our products. For this reason, we optimize the entire process chain with regard to particle and lubricant residues. Products with the highest cleanliness requirements are produced in our clean rooms. In addition, we use cleaning concepts selected according to requirements and carry out cleanliness analyses of our components in our own laboratory. The collected data and experiences are recorded and evaluated in a database.

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Process development

Depending on the product, application and quantity, we use a wide variety of processes and procedures. Our engineers develop their own tools and machines, which we manufacture and maintain ourselves. They range from systems for individual production to flexible production cells and fully automated lines for large quantities.

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Other questions

There is nothing like direct contact. We will gladly take the time for a personal discussion and answer your questions individually.

Mr. Frank Drechsler
Manager Technology and Innovation


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