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Energy markets undergoing transformation
Witzenmann's products are keeping pace with the changes in energy generation. Regardless of how you generate energy - we contribute to every technology.

Flexible elements for power Generation

Witzenmann's flexible metallic elements and pipe brackets are used in many power generation plants. Our products ensure security and optimal operation not only in conventional power plants (coal, gas, oil), in nuclear power plants, in stationary large engines but also increasingly in wind and solar power plants (CSP).

Nuclear applications

Utmost reliability, comprehensive documentation

Our expansion joints, valve bellows and flexible metal hoses are used in research plants such as CERN, DESY, ITER or also the Wendelstein fusion stellarator. And in conventional nuclear plants or when power plants are being dismantled.

International Approvals

Wiztenmann is an approved and certified development and technology partner for flexible pipeline elements in the nuclear industry worldwide.

ISO 9001, AAME (Section 3 and 8), RCC-MRx, AREVA, KTA etc.

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Continuous Process Security

From 1.4571 via magnifier, mu-metal to high-alloy stainless steels - with our broad experience and certified welding approvals, we have a wide range of possibilities for using the right material in each case along with appropriate processes.

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Designed for eternity

More than 40 inspections during the production process, a multitude of tests before, during and after production, checks during the processes by customers and certification companies ensure production is monitored to the highest degree possible. Starting with material tests and ranging as far as special film packaging of the flexible pipeline elements.

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5000 pages of specification for a project

Every individual product process must be documented and remain viewable for 30 years. This quickly reaches 5000 pages. A measure to secure the overall system later.

Alongside the process technology, documentation is one of the biggest challenges in nuclear engineering.

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All pipeline elements from a single source

In the nuclear field, especially, it is important to be able to model a matching product range. This reduces safety risks and enhances operating efficiency.

  • flexible metal hoses as shielding hoses
  • expansion joints and metal bellows / valve bellows
  • spring hangers and constant hangers, spring supports
  • fixed bearings, movable bearings, slide bearings
  • rectangular expansion joints
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Next steps

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