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Robust, long-lasting and flexible solutions
Reliable compensation of mounting tolerances and engine motions to meet strict safety requirements.

Construction / Agricultural machinery

Aside from simple decoupling elements, curved line assemblies with both rigid and flexible components, as well as gas-tight elements and assemblies such as corrugated hoses or metal bellows, are used.

Off-Highway applications

An overview of our off-highway products

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Near-engine Components

Flexible pipe elements are used at the engine to absorb thermal expansion, vibrations and to compensate for installation tolerances.

  • expansion elements
  • exhaust manifolds
  • charge air lines
  • oil / exhaust gas re-circulation pipes
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Automotive Components in the Exhaust System

Decoupling elements are used in the connecting line between the engine and the exhaust post-treatment; these are configured as metal bellows or stripwound hoses. They are used for decoupling movements of mechanical components, expansion and vibration, as well as for compensating for installation tolerances.

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Special Applications

As a supplier to virtually every notable commercial vehicle manufacturer, Witzenmann possesses a vast body of practical knowledge. This serves as the basis for the development of precise special solutions, such as:

  • conduits for pneumatic and fluid systems
  • pressure pipe sheathing
  • exhaust gas consolidation
  • pipes for special media such as CO2
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