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Robust, long-lasting and flexible solutions
Reliable compensation of mounting tolerances and engine motions to meet strict safety requirements.

Construction / Agricultural machinery

Aside from simple decoupling elements, curved line assemblies with both rigid and flexible components, as well as gas-tight elements and assemblies such as corrugated hoses or metal bellows, are used.

Off-Highway applications

Our products for construction and agricultural machinery

Witzenmann is the world's leading manufacturer of flexible and rigid pipework components for classic combustion engines (diesel, gas and dual fuel drives). By continuously developing our products, we help to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Upstream Turbocharger Automotive Components
Upstream of the turbocharger

A wide variety of flexible elements, fitted with customer-specific connections, are used before the turbo charger to absorb heat expansions and decouple engine movements and vibrations.
Such as

  • Exhaust gas ducts
  • Ducts in the manifold area
  • Exhaust gas recirculation pipe without microfilter
Product overview for vehicle parts
Downstream Turbocharger Automotive Components
Downstream of the turbocharger

Decoupling elements in the exhaust gas range are temperature and corrosion resistant. Depending on the application, they will be used with or without insulation. Their applications lie in thermo-mechanics (decoupling of vibrations and heat expansions), compensating for mounting inaccuracies or as special elements for dampening structure-borne noise/sound.

Product overview for vehicle parts
Fluid Oil systems oil water cooling circuit
Fluid systems

Pipeline systems for liquid circuits such as water, oil and coolant circuits are mostly semi-flexible bellows/smooth-bore tube solutions or custom-fit curved stainless steel pipelines, precisely tailored to the cramped installations conditions close to the engine. Alongside traditional combustion engines, these air-tight pipe systems are increasingly used in E-mobility or hydrogen applications.

Product overview for vehicle parts
New Mobility Application Fuel cell
Applications for new energy vehicles

A team of specialized engineers from our prototype production and test departments is developing trend-setting New Mobility product solutions in cooperation with our customers. For example electromobility, hydrogen or fuel cell technology. Here we draw on our many years of experience and knowledge of the market.

More on New Mobility products
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Special Applications

As a supplier to virtually every notable commercial vehicle manufacturer, Witzenmann possesses a vast body of practical knowledge. This serves as the basis for the development of precise special solutions, such as:

  • conduits for pneumatic and fluid systems
  • pressure pipe sheathing
  • exhaust gas consolidation
  • pipes for special media such as CO2
Product overview for vehicle parts in the exhaust system

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