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Special markets
Witzenmann solutions are used in a wide range of industrial markets.

Special applications for flexible pipeline elements

As a specialist in the flexible transport of media, we offer solutions for many markets. Sometimes as a protective sheath, sometimes as a compensating stainless steel component. Our products offer greater safety and operating efficiency.

Special markets

Flexible Metal Hoses for Optoelectronics

Light conductors are used in optoelectronics to transmit information. Highly flexible stripwound hoses protect the light conductor from mechanical damage. Lining the inside of the flexible metal hose with silicone or a similar material allows autoclavable, light- and fluid-tight light conductors to be manufactured.

  • smallest outer diameters from approx. 1.4 mm with 0.35 mm interior coil
  • highly flexible, with bending radius limitation
  • high tensile strength and very small elongation
  • autoclavable, light-proof and liquid-tight
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Endoscopy Hoses for Medical Technology

With an inner diameter of 0.3 mm, the protective hoses allow examinations to be conducted in the body. These highly flexible stripwound hoses from Witzenmann are light-proof and liquid-tight and meet the strict U.S. regulations according to Pharmacopoeia Class VI and are classified as biocompatible in accordance with DIN/ISO 10993 1-5.

  • small diameters for minimally-invasive medicine
  • suitable for autoclave sterilisation
  • particularly smooth and durable interior and exterior surfaces
  • certified biocompatibility
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Special Bellows Materials for Measurement and Control Technology

In measurement and control technology, bellows elements are used as sensors and actuators. The main demands placed on sensors and actuators are that they lack hysteresis and feature a constant characteristic curve. To guarantee this, hardenable bellow materials are used.

  • thermostats as actuators
  • pressure switch
  • reduction or adjustment valves
  • sensors
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Hose assemblies, expansion joints and metal bellows units are used in both conventional and LNG shipbuilding. With our Overnight Service we have a standardised product range for maintenance applications.

  • exhaust gas lines
  • breathing air lines and gas lines in fuel cell-driven submarines
  • bellows units as media separators in fuel cell-driven submarines
  • air ducts and pipelines
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Flexible Elements for the Steel Industry

Robust and long-lived: Witzenmann supplies specially-developed flexible metal hoses and expansion joints for a wide range of applications in the steel-making industry, e.g.:

  • flexible connecting lines securing the supply to the cooling elements (Staves) in the blast furnace walls through the shell of the blast furnace
  • lance hoses that are used as flexible oxygen supply lines in steel-making
  • large expansion joints with diameters > 4 m for wind heaters
  • expansion joints for hot-wind systems
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Technical Gases

HYDRA® high pressure hoses are used in industrial filling stations to fill gas bottles. The high-pressure hoses are designed to withstand the high pressures, additional motions, and pressure changes.

  • robust design
  • suitable for operating pressures of up to 400 bar (cracking pressures of up to 1300 bar)
  • high degree of flexibility for easy installation
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Electrical Industry: Shield and Protect

Electrical cables and electronic supply lines are protected by flexible clasps or coiled corrugated hoses. As external sheathing, they absorb compression, crushing and torsional forces. Available with special characteristics depending on the field of application:

  • anti-magnetic
  • pressure-tight
  • wide range of connections
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