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Product Overview Pipe Supports Witzenmannn

Pipe support system


Our complete range of products for spring hangers, constant hangers, connecting elements and clamps, dynamic components, slide bearings, fixed bearings and roller bearings is designed as a comprehensive, carefully coordinated, integrated system.

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Product Overview Spring Hanger and Spring Supports
HYDRA® Spring Hangers and Spring Supports

Spring hangers and spring supports are mobile pipe supports whose load-carrying behaviour changes linearly. The hanger travel changes proportionally to the load capacity. Spring hangers are less expensive than constant hangers and are used where the vertical motion to be absorbed is moderate (max. 60 mm).

  • the load can be set easily by simply rotating the turnbuckle
  • locking can be changed later on in any position
  • no wear – no need for spare parts
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Product Overview Constant Hangers and Constant Supports
HYDRA® Constant Hangers and Constant Supports

Constant hangers and constant supports are mobile pipe supports with constant load-bearing behaviour and are necessary for greater vertical movements. The load stays basically constant over the entire vertical movement.

  • constant force at the load application point thanks to a well-adjusted lever mechanism
  • optimised lever dimensions for a constant load over the entire adjustment range
  • full preservation of overtravel safety margins of the hanger even after readjustment of the load
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Connecting Elements and Clamps for pipelines Witzenmann
HYDRA® Connecting Elements and Clamps

Horizontal clamps are used as brackets for horizontal pipes. Vertical clamps are used as brackets for vertical pipes.

The connecting elements are used to affix the hangers between the load-bearing steel construction and the clamps as pipe-enveloping components. They are classified according to our hanger system and by load group.

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 Dynamic Components and Sway Struts Witzenmann
HYDRA® Dynamic Components and Sway Struts

Our programme of dynamic components serve to control dynamic loads on safety-relevant pipelines and delicate plant components.

  • the hydraulic sway suppressors are used to compensate for dynamic loads, e.g. pressure surges or by external influences such as earthquakes. The displacement amplitudes that occur are reduced to a minimum without restricting any movements resulting from temperature changes.
  • sway struts are push-pull elements and are mainly used to reduce dynamic loads.
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Product Overview Bearings for pipelines Witzenmann
HYDRA® Bearings Program

The bearing program covers the entire range of pipe bearings, roller bearings and guide bearings with miscellaneous accessories for industrial pipeline construction.

  • easy planning and reliable choice thanks to standardized alternative ranges with comparable application and design criteria, compatible connections, simple assembly, adapted corrosion protection and absolutely maintenance-free
  • temperature range up to 650 °C, higher temperatures are possible on request
  • patented clamp system for T- , U- or L-beam
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Flexperte Design Software for pipe supports Witzenmann
FLEXPERTE - The Design Software

Specially designed for designers, "FLEXPERTE" is a PC software application for dimensioning and presenting expansion joints, metal bellows, flexible metal hoses and pipe supports. The menu-based application aids in the calculation and design of these products.

  • intuitive operation
  • tailor-made design even of complex load chains
  • Rohr2, CAESAR II, PDMS and PDS interfaces
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Configure products for your individual needs quickly and easily with our FLEXPERTE tool.


  • Designing of Standard Products
  • Preparation of Technical Data Sheets
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Download: FLEXPERTE customer version

FLEXPERTE: The design programme for the entire product range of the Witzenmann Group with a function-specific classification

  • Flexible metal tubes
  • Expansion joints
  • Metal bellows
  • Bearings, hangers, supports
Apart from the calculation formulas, drawing data as well as entire 3D CAD drawings are stored. Provided with PDS and PDMS interfaces, the program can be used multifacetedly and universally.